Let’s help Quebec build an ambitious climate plan

Take two minutes to submit the proposed brief (on the following page) to the Quebec government’s public consultation on the Electrification and Climate Change Plan (ECCP).


Now is the time to speak up about your priorities for the environment
The Quebec government is currently developing its Electrification and Climate Change Plan (ECCP), to help Quebec reach its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 37.5% below 1990 levels by 2030. In developing the ECCP, which will be unveiled at the beginning of 2020, the government wants to hear from Quebecers about their priorities for the environment.

A unique opportunity to make your voice heard
Now is the time to demand a plan that is commensurate with the scope of the climate crisis, to support ambitious measures and to reject projects that undermine the fight against climate change, such as Quebec City’s Troisième Lien and the GNL Quebec project.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to share your environmental priorities with the government of Quebec. We need an ambitious plan and concrete measures that respect the science and recognize the climate emergency.

Take action: Sign and send the proposed brief (on the following page) to the Ministry of the Environment and the Fight against Climate Change, which includes the following 13 recommendations:

1. Launch a vast awareness campaign and an educational program about climate change and the ecological transition, in order to strengthen public support for the measures that will need to be put in place and to make a case for the need to transform our way of life.
2. Amend Quebec’s GHG emissions reduction objectives to bring them in line with the science from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and with the need to achieve “net-zero emissions” by the year 2050;
3. Enact climate legislation that makes it mandatory to meet our GHG emissions reduction targets, and strike a committee reporting to the Conseil exécutif to ensure that the response to the climate emergency is prioritized and taken into account in all government decisions.
4. Roll out a provincial action plan to support communities and workers in sectors affected by the transition.
5. Plan for the elimination of internal combustion vehicles so that 100% of new-vehicle sales will be zero emission by 2030, to be achieved by beefing up regulations and supporting various initiatives.
6. Institute a moratorium on increasing road capacity, including the rejection of the Troisième Lien project, and earmark at least half of all transportation investments for public transit.
7. Fund the creation of low-carbon resilient eco-districts and urban consolidation throughout Quebec by creating a sustainable urban development fund (FAUD).
8. Eliminate fossil fuel subsidies.
9. Prohibit construction or expansion in Quebec of any infrastructure aimed at increasing the exploration, production, transportation, distribution or consumption of fossil fuels like coal, petroleum and natural gas, including the GNL Quebec natural gas liquefaction and gas pipeline project.
10. Prohibit fuel oil, natural gas and any other hydrocarbon in new construction projects; eliminate them from the government’s real estate holdings by 2025; and eliminate them from existing buildings by 2030.
11. Protect 100% of Quebec’s agricultural land and encourage practices that enable this land to act as carbon sinks.
12. Conserve and restore ecosystems to enhance their capacity to capture carbon, and create a fund dedicated to implement such measures. The government should also put in place a network of connected protected zones accounting for at least 30% of land, fresh water and oceans by 2030.
13. Expand Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) to household appliances so as to ensure that refrigerant gases are recovered in an ecologically safe manner.

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